Sunday, February 27, 2011

Googling My Name ...

USS Clytie ... 1943

# Aegir Class Submarine Tender: Laid down, as a Maritime Commission, type (C3-S-A2) hull under Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 861) at Ingalls Shipbuilding Co., Pascagoula, MS.
# Launched, 26 November 1943
# Acquired by the Navy, 26 February 1944 and placed in temporary commission for passage to her conversion yard at Hoboken, N.J.
# Decommissioned in March 1944 and turned over to Bethlehem Steel Corp., Hoboken, N.J.., for conversion to a Submarine Tender
# Placed in full commission, as USS Clytie (AS-26), 18 January 1945, CDR. C. H. Walker in command
# During World War II USS Clytie was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater
# Decommissioned, 5 October 1946, at New London, CT.
# Laid up in the Atlantic Reserve Fleet, New London, CT.
# Struck from the Naval Register (date unknown)
# Transferred to the Maritime Administration (MARAD) for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, James River, Lee Hall, VA.
# Final Disposition, scrapped in 1971

USS Clytie ... 1945

This is what I get for Googling my name.
It's kind of interesting ... being a submarine tender!
I'm not so sure about the being "scrapped in 1971" part though.
I think I'm now a reef!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Found Outside a Local High School ...

I found this paper on the ground outside Tigard High School while I was waiting for my brother and his wife to get out of a meeting there. It had rained overnight, and I saw a moist piece of paper with must have been a specially designed drawing for snow goggles for the school's snowboarding team.
There was what appeared to be a short order list on the back.

I know "Steeze" is a term related to snowboarding ... and that's all I know!

But I learned something today - which is part of the reason I pick up weird stuff like this!