Monday, November 11, 2013

Shipyard Contrast

I found this old photo tucked into an old photo album at the thrift store, and felt it would be an appropriate "find" for today - Veterans Day!

I was intrigued by the two ships - a brilliant white cruise ship docked next to a dark gray military ship of some kind. I'm not sure when the photo was taken, but it seems to me both cruise ships and military ships are all much, much larger now.

I am linking this with "Vintage Weekly" ... for the first time in a long time!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Found Photos ...

These are more of the pictures I found in the beat-up photo album at Goodwill. A couple of photos were dated between 1918 and 1929.

I think this shot must have been taken outside a school, although I'm not sure why this guy is holding a doll.

 I think this girl is holding the same doll.

That poor little toy sure got around!
This pretty girl appears in a lot of shots.
I think her brother is the guy with the rad hair-do from last week.

The girls must be best friends ... they appear to be having a lot of fun!

It still makes me sad to think someone threw away these precious family mementos of days gone by. Especially since there is no way to identify who is in these photos. Sigh.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Found Family Photos ...

I found these old photos tucked into a battered old photo album at the Goodwill outlet store just a couple of weeks ago.

There were 19 photos in all. A few have dates, which range from 1918 to 1929. Several of them have first names, but not enough to identify where they came from.

I love the outfits of these girls - and the photographer's shadow as well!

What a wonderful studio shot ... so glamorous!

This looks to be a four-generation family shot. I love how all of the ladies are looking at the baby instead of at the camera.

There is a date on the corner of 1926 (the same year my dad was born), and there is a scratchy name on the back that looks like "Mrilla"

Sunday, May 12, 2013

1934-35 Motion Picture Almanac

Those who know me know I love our local thrift store's surplus store.
I can spend hours perusing the bins, then pay for the treasures I find "by the pound".
 (It's only been recently that this wonderful store discovered that people love books - and started charging for them separately. $2 for hardbacks; $1 for paperbacks.)

But back to the story ... as a special birthday treat to myself, I spent several hours a couple of days ago at the local bin store.

 As the workers rolled in a couple of bins filled with books, the "vultures" descended ... at least 6 people, electronic gadgets in hand, scanning barcodes ... unwanted books flying in their wake. (I'm assuming these people have an app from our local bookstore that buys certain used books).

After the vultures moved on, leaving chaos in their wake, I moved in; and found an old-looking book without a cover. I love to take these broken books (already destined for the shredder) apart to use for arts and crafts.

Then, 2 bins down, I found the cover.

The name "Darryl Zanuck" embossed in silver on the bottom, and a handwritten note "this page 50" captured my curiosity.

On the flyleaf was a signature - "Marguerite Doss - Patricia Archer"

This is Page 50, bookmarked with an address label for Marguerite.

And under the listing for "Archer, Patricia", is the notation "ME".

Of course I bought this amazing book ... $2 seemed like a small price for such a treasure!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dad and His Little Sister ...

Tears filled her eyes when she handed me this stained and tattered old photo ... the only one she could find of her beloved older brother.

I know she misses him too.
This photo is probably from mid- to late 1930's - and is this week's contribution to  "Vintage Weekly" 


Friday, February 1, 2013

Lost Treasures ...

I found a negative strip in a bin at the thrift store, and couldn't resist picking it up. Somebody's memories are here.
When I processed the "negative to positive", I couldn't help but wonder ...
Who is this guy leaning against the hewn log fence?

Why are these ladies all bundled up in sleeping bags?

I wonder what happened to those gorgeous old water pitchers?
And don't you just love this guy's socks???

A beloved pet?

Is she laughing?
Or crying?

Where is she now?

So many questions ... I will never know the answers to.


Fascinating, isn't it?

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