Friday, September 9, 2011

Ppppplay Ballll!!!! - Found Photos for Sunday Scans

I found a package of slightly damaged photos in a bag of mostly garbage beside the road a while back.
I was dismayed to find someone's precious memories inside.

Someone who got to see a very special ball game ...

With players I don't recognize (sorry, I don't watch baseball).

Someone whose memories apparently included a photo op with at least one of the players!

It must have been a team much admired ... someone had a wonderful time!

It breaks my heart when I see photos like this thrown away.
That's why they end up in my "found photo" file ...

Now they will also end up being part of Al's "Sunday Scans"!!!

P.S. - Do you recognize any of these players? If you do, leave me a comment! These photos intrigue me!!! Also, if you have scanned something, be sure to join us over at "Sunday Scans" - it is a monthly meme now, and that gives you several more weeks to SCAN IT!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Heart Gift Bags

I love gift bags. Some of them are so much prettier than any wrapping I could ever come up with - even if I had the time!

The only problem with gift bags is that sometimes they are just way too cute or pretty to give away! I guess I'm not alone ... I found a stash of brand new gift bags at a thrift store at one point, and bought a few of them.

Can you guess why I grabbed this one?
Um, could it be because of the HEARTS?
Of course!!!

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