Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time for Americans to remember and appreciate the heroes who paid the ultimate price for freedom.

I was going through Dad's photos after he died, and happened across an old photo album filled with pictures from the 1940's ... among them were 3 pictures of a man named "Tiny".

I remember Dad talking about Tiny - he was his cousin and best friend. They were closer than brothers ... and in fact were born just 2 days apart! But Tiny was "killed in the war" (WWII). While Dad was being held as a prisoner of war.
Tiny was known by many names ...
Tiny Martin
Percy Martin
Percy O. Martin
Percy Orson Martin
Percy Orcin Martin

This is Tiny's headstone, courtesy of "Find-A-Grave".
It doesn't tell much.
Like his nickname "Tiny". I'm sorry I never asked Dad about that one! "Tiny" was, by all accounts, a fairly large man!!!
Or the fact that he died on Iwo Jima during WWII ... only 2 days into the brutal and bloody battle there.

The headstone doesn't show how handsome he was!

How full of fun and life he was.

Or how he loved being a Marine. He even sent Dad a letter teasing him for joining the Army instead.

I never met Tiny - he was killed long before I was born.
But I still sit here with tears in my eyes.
He is a hero to me.

And I'm so glad to have made his acquaintance through the memories of my father.