Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Heart Gift Bags

I love gift bags. Some of them are so much prettier than any wrapping I could ever come up with - even if I had the time!

The only problem with gift bags is that sometimes they are just way too cute or pretty to give away! I guess I'm not alone ... I found a stash of brand new gift bags at a thrift store at one point, and bought a few of them.

Can you guess why I grabbed this one?
Um, could it be because of the HEARTS?
Of course!!!

To see hearts from around the world, visit "Random Hearts" - and share YOUR heart on Guest Heart Thursday!

1 comment:

Beth Niquette said...

I love gift bags, too--it is so fun to find 'em, get them, re-use 'em... (grin) There are a few I have kept because they were given to me on special occasions, like shower gifts for each child. And some are so gorgeous, I could never bring myself to use them! lol

I really like this one--it's a cutie!