Sunday, July 24, 2011

Found at Goodwill - Old Photo

I was browsing through the books at the Goodwill Outlet store on Friday (the next stop for this stuff is the shredder and/or shipment overseas).

I found a series of books of "classics" (maybe 15 of them) published in 1910. I wanted so badly to buy them, but even at $2 each, it was beyond my limited budget. Sigh.

As I flipped through one of them, this photo fell out, and I was entranced.
So many unanswered questions ... who took it? Where was it taken? When was it taken? How did it end up as a bookmark?

I will never know the answers to those questions. But I know that from now on, this beautiful old snapshot has a history - with me!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Found Family Photos!

When I was growing up, I always thought my Uncle Lawrence was the most handsome man in the world - even better looking than Elvis!
I also thought my Aunt Barbara was a queen - she had such a regal aura!

The baby in their arms is my cousin David ... the picture would have been taken in 1957 or 1958.

I love this picture strip of Uncle Lawrence and baby David.

Thank you again, Al for hosting "Sunday Scans"!
Without you, it would probably have been YEARS before I looked in that box of papers my uncle brought me after Grammie passed away - and these wonderful family treasures would still be hidden!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Donnie and Marilynn - Sunday Scans

This is one of a group of old photos I found in a photo album at the Goodwill several years ago. Most of the photos had been removed from the album, but I found 2 pages that were stuck together - pictures intact between them!

The picture is titled "Donnie & Marilynn".

I love the look on Donnie's face, and how Marilynn is standing on the upended log, not even noticing that her photograph is being taken - she's more interested in playing with the dog!

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