Sunday, May 12, 2013

1934-35 Motion Picture Almanac

Those who know me know I love our local thrift store's surplus store.
I can spend hours perusing the bins, then pay for the treasures I find "by the pound".
 (It's only been recently that this wonderful store discovered that people love books - and started charging for them separately. $2 for hardbacks; $1 for paperbacks.)

But back to the story ... as a special birthday treat to myself, I spent several hours a couple of days ago at the local bin store.

 As the workers rolled in a couple of bins filled with books, the "vultures" descended ... at least 6 people, electronic gadgets in hand, scanning barcodes ... unwanted books flying in their wake. (I'm assuming these people have an app from our local bookstore that buys certain used books).

After the vultures moved on, leaving chaos in their wake, I moved in; and found an old-looking book without a cover. I love to take these broken books (already destined for the shredder) apart to use for arts and crafts.

Then, 2 bins down, I found the cover.

The name "Darryl Zanuck" embossed in silver on the bottom, and a handwritten note "this page 50" captured my curiosity.

On the flyleaf was a signature - "Marguerite Doss - Patricia Archer"

This is Page 50, bookmarked with an address label for Marguerite.

And under the listing for "Archer, Patricia", is the notation "ME".

Of course I bought this amazing book ... $2 seemed like a small price for such a treasure!

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Beth Niquette said...

Oh, WOW! You find the coolest stuff, Sissy. That is a wonderful find.