Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And She Calls it "Trash"

I found this scanned into the computer, then forgotten.
The original is gone, as far as I know.
She thinks it's not good enough
For other people to see.

And she will probably kill me if she sees this post!
But it is worth it.


Lois said...

Her eyes are amazing in this drawing!

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, my goodness...this is exquisite.

I actually did steal one of her pictures from the trash awhile back...heh heh--remember? (grin)

She is an amazing artist. She takes after her Mom and Auntie, doesn't she? ((hugs))

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

It's an art; she needs to showcase it. She'll be famous super-fast!


Glennis said...

It is certainly art, well drawn.