Thursday, May 6, 2010

Recipe - Oatmeal cookies ... I think

I got a kick out of this recipe I found in some paperwork at the Goodwill Surplus Store.

1 c sortening (shortening?)
1 c white S (white sugar?)
1 c brown S (brown sugar?)
Cream till fluffy.
1 Egg
1 teasp vanilla
Stir well.
1 1/2 c white flour
in which you have mixed
1 teaspoon soda
dash of salt
3 c oatmeal
Mix well
350% drop

I think they end up as cookies - don't know how long they are supposed to bake.


Beth Niquette said...

You going to try it Sissy? Let me know if you do--I'm dying to hear what they tasted like!!!

JANN said...

Sounds like my type of cooking :)
love to you my dear Clytie. Have you made any special plans for your birthday on Sunday?
Aren't we lucky to get Mother's day gifts & birthday gifts - hehe
although I really don't get gifts but have in the past. You know my b-day has been on Mother's day before, next year it will fall on friday the 13th. It is so cool our birthdays are so close together. Do you know Becky Loyall, WhymsicalMusings Blog, her b-day is on May 11th.
Have a great day darling!

Lois said...

The marinade recipe looks good too.

Patty said...

My sister had a recipe similar to this one, except it took lard instead of shortening. And they were delicious, but very greasy and rich from the lard. It was a German Baptist recipe. 305 Oven for about (probably) 10 to 15 mins or golden brown looking. You would just have to experiment a couple of cookie sheets to see how you like them best. Good luck.