Thursday, January 12, 2012

Misc. Gnomes???

I was out this morning, taking pictures of my cold world.
As I walked up our country road, I noticed a bit of paper curled up next to the ditch, and of course I had to see what it was.

Turns out it was one of the oddest notes I've found to date ...
Miscellaneous garden gnomes?
On MY street???

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Beth Niquette said...

Yes, 'tis quite odd. But maybe not, since you know there are Gnomes living in the front yard where you live--you know--the two entrances at the base of the two big Oak trees?

However, I have NO idea what Gnome in their right mind would call themselves or their progeny "Miscellaneous."

Perhaps there is a rivalry going on....? One could imagine all sorts of things, you know....

Al said...

What a strange note! One of the blogs I like is called "gnome world" - it's from Germany. Maybe they found you!

Anonymous said...

You know wat I think?
It was a sign or note from a rummage sale!!
Does that help?..
hugs, Darlene♥
Btw.. did I miss you Guest Heart Thursday?.. OMG.. I hope I was just dreaming but I think not!
Please let me know.