Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Horn Sheep

 Back in the mid- to late 1990's my (ex) husband and I were stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. One of my co-workers' husband worked with the Forest Service, and we were invited to tag along as they enticed a herd of bighorn sheep down from the hills ... 

We drove up to the site, went through the gate and up to a flat spot just below "The Scar". Those of you who know Colorado Springs know about "The Scar".

The purpose was to medicate these beauties (medicines were laced into the apple parts that were in buckets).

The herd showed up shortly after we did - I had never seen a bighorn sheep up this close - they were powerful and awe inspiring.

More and more of them showed up, racing down "The Scar" for their treats.

My kids and I will never forget that day!

This is a photo I found taken yesterday by a "citizen journalist". This is "The Scar" - where all those bighorn sheep live.

The area is threatened by a huge forest fire - 
Homes and businesses have burned ... or are in peril.
Wild animals are roaming through town.
I wonder if the bighorn sheep are some of them?

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Colorado Springs.

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Beth Niquette said...

My prayers wing their way to heaven with yours. For people and animals' safety--for the fire to miraculously be snuffed out.