Saturday, June 23, 2012

Do You "Can Kerr"?

I've been busy scanning my "found recipe" collection ...

One of the recipe pamphlets I came across is this "Kerr Guide to Home Canning and Freezing" - complete with an advertisement for Kerr canning products.

I haven't canned anything for a couple of years ...
But the last time I went to the store for canning supplies, people looked at me in awe.
Who cans anymore???

You'd think I was an alien whose spaceship was parked just around the corner!

Well ... canning is something I love to do - when I have the time.
There's nothing quite so refreshing as popping open a jar of home canned tomatoes in the dead of winter ...


Carole said...

Canning is making quite a comeback among the 20-somethings. You'd be surprised.

I still can and freeze quite a bit. In fact, I made low sugar strawberry jam yesterday afternoon, but I'm a Ball girl myself (though have used Kerr products in the past). My mother used both I think.

There was a time when we canned 100 lbs of tomatoes, but there are so few u-pick places anymore, and even though we grow a lot of tomatoes, we rarely have enough for salsa (#1 priority), all the way to canned tomatoes. I admit we usually buy S&W these days. We still can a lot of fruits, and freeze a lot of veggies though. It just tastes better don't you think?

Go to Bi-mart, they won't stare at you oddly when you buy supplies. lol

Glad you enjoyed the cat and mouse story (and glad you didn't spit up on your keyboard lol). Pan kept an eye on the fireplace off and on all day yesterday into the evening, but I think he was just making sure that everything was secure. No more problems (we left the trap up last night just in case), so hopefully we're done.

Me and that double word verification are going to go round and round! lol

Beth Niquette said...

Now that I have all the equipment to do so, I plan on canning this fall! Yehaw!

Judy SheldonWalker said...

My mother used to can tomatoes, peaches, apples, pears, actually any fruits or vegetables that were given to her and she made this awesome canned raspberry jelly made with green tomatoes. I posted a recipe for it at triond. You would never believe that it was green tomatoes!!