Sunday, June 23, 2013

Found Family Photos ...

I found these old photos tucked into a battered old photo album at the Goodwill outlet store just a couple of weeks ago.

There were 19 photos in all. A few have dates, which range from 1918 to 1929. Several of them have first names, but not enough to identify where they came from.

I love the outfits of these girls - and the photographer's shadow as well!

What a wonderful studio shot ... so glamorous!

This looks to be a four-generation family shot. I love how all of the ladies are looking at the baby instead of at the camera.

There is a date on the corner of 1926 (the same year my dad was born), and there is a scratchy name on the back that looks like "Mrilla"


Beth Niquette said...

I just don't understand how anyone could throw these beautiful old photos away. They are wonderful.

You should be a museum keeper, Sissyboo.

The first one--I wonder about the shadow of the photographer. I think about the story of the family--what was this?

I adore the glamor shot, and I LOVE that last one with all of them looking at the wee baby.

Fabulous find.

Jane said...

Beautiful shots, and I am with Beth-I think its a shame that someone would want to "give up" their memories to a thrift store. Nice find though :)

lisa hermanson said...

These are wonderful photos, I love the shadow in the first photo -
who is that person, we wonder, so
nice they were recorded, even as a shadow...

Carole said...

That first shot makes me think of Edith from Downton Abbey. lol

Wonderful photos. And as I said in the other post, a lucky find.

Carole said...

Oh, and I used to wonder how/why so many family photos end up in antique/thrift shops, but, as a for instance, many of my MIL's childhood/family photos were tossed away in preparation for 'cross country' moves. It makes MIL sad from time to time, but she said that back then, there were more important things to worry about, and as kids, she and her brother didn't give it much thought. Much of my own Italian photographic heritage was lost due to similar reasons.

There are also estates sold off where no family remains.

And of course there's the younger generations who don't care about/appreciate this type of thing, often until they're older (and it's too late).

Sadly, so many reasons.

That's why I like to buy vintage photographs (and often share them on my blog). Not only is it a peek into another era, but a reminder that other people have lived, worked, loved, lost, and gone before us. We all have a connection in that way, past, present, future.

Tamera said...

I love these old photos! How cool! You know, many people collect them. There's something very poignant (and sometimes creepy) about other people's old photographs from generations past.