Monday, July 13, 2009

1936, P and G - The White Naphtha Soap

I'm not sure why someone kept these. I found them folded together ... the advertisement along with the soap wrapper. Maybe someone was happy with the product and wanted to remember what it was? Or maybe they were unhappy with it and forgot to return it?

At any rate, it's kind of cool to have the two together.
And just think ... you can save yourself two rubs out of every three!!!
(This is what we did before dishwashers were household items. Except the portable kind - my siblings and I WERE the portable kind!!!)


Nina P. said...

This brings a smile as my Mom also said she had 6 dishwashers!!! Thanks for the memories! Love and Light, Nina P.

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, yeah! I remember washing all those dishes after every meal. I still dislike doing the dishes, even after all these years. And to think we haven't had a dishwasher for almost 15 years now. (sigh)

I'm still washing those dishes.

I like that saves two rubs out of three! How quaint.