Wednesday, July 1, 2009


As a teenager and young adult, I used to dream about traveling, and collected all kinds of brochures of places I wanted to visit.
It is time to let some of those dreams go ... as a military (ex-)spouse I've done my fair share of travelling.

I did, however, find some interesting brochures in my 'collection', including this one of a shop in Seaside, Oregon that specialized in "volcanoware". After the major eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980, many items were handcrafted from the ash that was everywhere. I don't know if this shop is still around, it might be worth a short trip to Seaside to check it out ... hmmmm I guess I'll have to keep this brochure. And that other one ... I might still go there too ...

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Beth Niquette said...

Wow, how cool is that? I remember the volcanoware store, too! Do you remember when they were using the ash in glass for bottles, vases and Christmas ornaments? we have one in our collection. It is very beautiful.

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