Friday, July 31, 2009

One Person's Trash ...

I was walking down our country road a while back, when I noticed a pile of garbage someone had thrown out of their car. Great piles of it. I was angry. I absolutely hate litter! There is no excuse for it.

Then I started looking closer at what these people had dropped off. A huge box of toys, some unused! School supplies, clothing, tools, car parts and more.

Me being the scavenger that I am, ran home to get the wheelbarrow. Toys for my nieces and nephews! Tools for my dad! Trendy jeans for my sister's beautiful daughters! The picture above is just a fraction of what I found that day. Most has already been given away.

I still abhor litter. There is no excuse for it! But if I must pick up someone elses garbage, at least this time it was worth it!!!


Lois said...

I hate litter too, but at least you made the best of the situation!

kavita said... did the right thing here ...just dumping the waste like this is not cool....good that your kind action did something good for you in return.....loved your blog..greetings from India.

Beth Niquette said...

I can't stand litter either--the girls told me to tell you THANK YOU. They were so excited over those wonderful jeans. They loved the skirt and floaty lavendar dress, too. (grin)

How cool! ((hugs))