Sunday, December 12, 2010

Introducing Vern's Mom ...

I found this note tucked into the old dictionary along with the letters from Vern to his mom. It is a note written regarding a phone conversation they had. It is adorable ... read on - and get to know more about this delightful family.

Vern called Tuesday around nine. They are re-trying to buy them a trailer house two bed roomed just right for them. They are putting in a new Trailer Court real near to the State School where he works, the cost per mo. I believe he said would be $55 a month and has everything new stove is heated by gas & can in time if natural gas comes in, converted into that type. He said mom, if you come we will get you a peice of plyboard to sleep on, as we've gotten a Deveno bed for $10. When you come will you bring us at least a dozen of your ginger cookies

then we'll feast on them and milk or coffee. He seemed real pleased at the thought of us comming even. We talked 25 minutes but so worth it. I ask how are your feet? He said Oh! I get around. Yes I'm working. He called from that neighbors place Collect of course.

So it was a rewarding day got my S.S. straightened out and so we trust it will keep straight from now on.

Eugene's teeth got repaired once more, we had a nice lunch at Toper in Coeur D'Alene got home around four. Found 4 loaves of bread 2-2# bags of rains + a bag of brownies.

Bread is for a bread pudding I was informed by Zelda + Loran get some also.

I so much love this family! Don't you?
Alas, there is only one more letter from Vern to his mom.
I will post it tomorrow - it's the best yet!


Beth Niquette said...

I am really enjoying these letters you've found. They are wonderful!


Lois said...

I hope they got their ginger cookies!