Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vern - Letter #2

This second letter from Vern to his mom and dad is not dated. But it was lovingly tucked into the same envelope with the first letter, dated December of 1968, and mentions some of the same things ...

Hi - folks hows the volks ha ha. Guss what? It snowed thats what about 5 inch of that white stife. the most snow all at onece Nampa ever had for a long time they say. they only have about one inch at a time then it males (melts) before noon. this time four inch last all day 9:30 P.M. now and most of it is gone tho.

Boy some good news they are going to fix the Volks folks. only $400 Dollars to fix it too. It will be tomorrow when I fine out when it gets fixed Reddy to drive. they seem to think it just might be reddy by JANUARY somethings. mybe the firest of the week of JAN.

Gee every thing is Happypenny when I'm not thare, how about that? Glen Bys (buys) a truck Loran


sells her House.

Whars Loran moveing to now. Gee a could a or a can a you spar a mybe $10. Dollars this a month mybe I'm a little shot of cash funes (funds) moneys Dollars perticharly this month.

So if you might just have some money ling (lying) around and looking kind of sad would plese spar about $10. Dollars. mybe. you see Don and I have'nt been able to fine a bitter (better) or chiper (cheaper) place lattly.

Well thats all I can think of for this time by for now.
Vern poor Meligan

Isn't this another adorable letter from Vern?
I love how he writes the way he talks. I think he's awesome!

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Beth Niquette said...

He IS awesome--anyone who drives a Volkeswagon But must be cool. lol

I love the way he talks. lol