Monday, December 13, 2010

Vern's final letter ...

This is the final letter from Vern to his parents.
I will miss them.
Thank you for letting me share this delightful family.
I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have!


Hi - folks.

I got here (just) fine. got here 7 in the moreing (morning) left there about 3'o clock yestery (yesterday) evenney (evening).

Got in Colfax washington then Pullman and just started to storm hard I mene it just come poreing down, no not rain, I mene snow.

Im sure glad now I left when I did, huh.

I never used them chang (chains) at all tho other then that the car whent very slow but studdy (steady) thought (through) about 6 inch of dampa kind of snow.

All the way to Colfax. from Kingston, the hi-ways

where all nice and dry. Like smer (summer?) Hi-ways, olny then the wind just blue and blue relley hard I had a sacso (?) the weel a lot, from Spokane to Colfax. and just as soon as I got to Plomer it just started to began to storm.

So I got a little bitt scook (shook) up about then. that snow makes me disze (dizzy) you know, to drive in it anyway.

So I was scooh-up about then. and (dead mans fase) was allso bad at that time. Nampa, hasent got any snow to spek of oanlee little paches here and there. you got some more to huh I herd on the readeo (radio) just now. My garsh what wheather you've been geting gee whose.
Well thats all now.
Vern Meligan

Such a happy guy - cute smile!
He did really well with the car in the snow though, I think.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Introducing Vern's Mom ...

I found this note tucked into the old dictionary along with the letters from Vern to his mom. It is a note written regarding a phone conversation they had. It is adorable ... read on - and get to know more about this delightful family.

Vern called Tuesday around nine. They are re-trying to buy them a trailer house two bed roomed just right for them. They are putting in a new Trailer Court real near to the State School where he works, the cost per mo. I believe he said would be $55 a month and has everything new stove is heated by gas & can in time if natural gas comes in, converted into that type. He said mom, if you come we will get you a peice of plyboard to sleep on, as we've gotten a Deveno bed for $10. When you come will you bring us at least a dozen of your ginger cookies

then we'll feast on them and milk or coffee. He seemed real pleased at the thought of us comming even. We talked 25 minutes but so worth it. I ask how are your feet? He said Oh! I get around. Yes I'm working. He called from that neighbors place Collect of course.

So it was a rewarding day got my S.S. straightened out and so we trust it will keep straight from now on.

Eugene's teeth got repaired once more, we had a nice lunch at Toper in Coeur D'Alene got home around four. Found 4 loaves of bread 2-2# bags of rains + a bag of brownies.

Bread is for a bread pudding I was informed by Zelda + Loran get some also.

I so much love this family! Don't you?
Alas, there is only one more letter from Vern to his mom.
I will post it tomorrow - it's the best yet!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vern - Letter #2

This second letter from Vern to his mom and dad is not dated. But it was lovingly tucked into the same envelope with the first letter, dated December of 1968, and mentions some of the same things ...

Hi - folks hows the volks ha ha. Guss what? It snowed thats what about 5 inch of that white stife. the most snow all at onece Nampa ever had for a long time they say. they only have about one inch at a time then it males (melts) before noon. this time four inch last all day 9:30 P.M. now and most of it is gone tho.

Boy some good news they are going to fix the Volks folks. only $400 Dollars to fix it too. It will be tomorrow when I fine out when it gets fixed Reddy to drive. they seem to think it just might be reddy by JANUARY somethings. mybe the firest of the week of JAN.

Gee every thing is Happypenny when I'm not thare, how about that? Glen Bys (buys) a truck Loran


sells her House.

Whars Loran moveing to now. Gee a could a or a can a you spar a mybe $10. Dollars this a month mybe I'm a little shot of cash funes (funds) moneys Dollars perticharly this month.

So if you might just have some money ling (lying) around and looking kind of sad would plese spar about $10. Dollars. mybe. you see Don and I have'nt been able to fine a bitter (better) or chiper (cheaper) place lattly.

Well thats all I can think of for this time by for now.
Vern poor Meligan

Isn't this another adorable letter from Vern?
I love how he writes the way he talks. I think he's awesome!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Introducing Vern ...

Yesterday while at the Goodwill Surplus store, I came across two tattered old books in a plastic bag. They intrigued me, so I paid the $1 to buy them.

One of the books was a family Bible - it's leather cover coming apart in chunks. Oh the treasures tucked within - old postcards, letters, pressed flowers ... but more on that later.

The second book was a battered dictionary, with no cover, hand written notes scattered throughout. Treasured letters were tucked between it's pages. It was owned by someone (I get the impression of an old lady, but that's just me I think) who loved words.

Several of the letters tucked into the dictionary were written by "Vern". As I read through these letters, I fell in love with his country charm. He wrote as he spoke.



I'm not going to write or see you anymore this year. So thar. Gee I Dissaponted' you never seent (sent) me my bannanes insted you cut them up in my frute cake Boy what a dretty (dirty) truck (trick) you pauld (played) on me.

I was So! dissaponted I Had "cry just a little bit, Geech. Boy when I get Home when I get home you've! just Had it thats It, I'm telling, you thats it now, youve just had I now. Well for instenes (instance) I was and stell am so mad I ate some of that bannana furt grade and to Eat any thing with bannanas in it will it (halps). Makes you get over being made (mad)

Gee I worked today 25th. Allday too. Boy its some-things to see them sapost (supposed) to be helpless poeplo (people) open gifts well! hell thare not acctcherly (actually) Helpless to a sertten (certain) point, you might say only there handy capt (handicapped) is about all I guss. two feelows that careral, they where ones that opened Gift like a eez you might say or go a Head and say I sure wont stop you that for sure! Im here.

Oh yes they will fix my car only $400. Dollars to get it fix is about all too.

I stell dont know when I'll get fix tho, soon tho, the way he talked. So looks like I might just see you soon like (maybe) I'll see yous soon. So well see you sometimes soon. Well that's about it now. Might see you or write soon.


Isn't this the most delicious letter you've ever read? Apparently Vern worked at a State School for handicapped people somewhere in Idaho in the mid to late 1960's ... and was possibly a bit handicapped himself ... his view of the "handy capt" people he worked with is adorable.

There are 2 more letters from Vern, as well as a note from his mom to herself about a phone call they had. I can hardly wait to share more from this delightful family!

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