Monday, August 15, 2011

Western Union - Sunday Scans

I snuck off by myself to Goodwill yesterday - I found a few treasures, but mostly I just had fun.
I was overjoyed to find this wonderful telegram, it sparked my curiosity completely!

Apparently "John" was in Germany when his wife experienced a life altering event, and he was unable to be there.

Did she graduate from college?
Did she have a baby?
I'll probably never know!

I am submitting this wonderfully tantalizing Western Union telegram to Al's "Sunday Scans" - and I encourage everyone to join us - and show us what YOU have scanned!


Al said...

It's interesting to wonder what this was about - it probably meant the world to somebody if they kept it long enough for Goodwill to get hold of it. A fascinating scan indeed!

Beth Niquette said...

Wow--I saw this in real life and was so moved by the script. I wonder about the story behind this poignant message?