Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Found Family Photo

I found this adorable picture in the stuff my uncle brought over after Grammie went to heaven. This is my dear darling sister - back in the 1st grade!!! She would have been about 6 years old.
Isn't she cute? I was always jealous of her long flowing hair (still am!), while mine was dry, frizzy and short. Sigh.

And don't you just love the outfit she was wearing?

I missed last week's "Sunday Scans", but now I am back! I am so thankful to Al for hosting this wonderful meme! Like I said last time, it would probably have been years before I looked in the box that held so many wonderful family treasures and photos. Thank you, Al, Thank you!!!

P.S. Al, Sissie Beth's computer up and died, and she wanted you to know she will be back to Sunday Scans as soon as possible!


Al said...

I have so few memories going back to 1st grade. Nice scan, and thanks for participating!

Lois said...

How cute is that!

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, heheheheee...I remember that dress! LOL I can't believe you found that pic! Look at my teeth! LOL

Thanks for letting everyone know my computer was down...thank goodness, as of last night, my computer is now up and running!

Tammie Lee said...

Ah, I see the same brilliant light in her then as she has now, so lovely.