Saturday, August 27, 2011

1943 Found Photo

My friend Randy is helping a lady move out of an old farm house. Since he is a truck driver, she asked him to bring a load of garbage to the dump.

After dropping off the load, he looked in the back of the truck and found this photo that had fallen out of one of the bags (the back is stamped "1943").
When I showed it to Dad, he exclaimed "Oh! That looks just like one of the Army barracks I stayed at before I went overseas during WWII!"

He pointed out the bedrolls ("we ALL had to roll them just like that"), and the helmets at the ends of the cots ("where we hung our rucksacks"). He also pointed out the old stove ("boy did that stove pipe get hot") and the cots themselves ("they were the most uncomfortable beds I ever slept on - metal mesh stretched over frames. Sometimes the mesh would break, and you would get poked all night by the sharp ends")

I can't believe someone would throw away this bit of history, but I'm ecstatic that Randy found it and thought of me.

And I am even more in awe of those military veterans who endured so much and gave so much.
Thank you to ALL veterans.
Even though Thank You is not enough ...


Beth Niquette said...

Wow, WOW! WOW!! I just can't imagine anyone throwing this kind of a photo away. EEEeek! What was the lady thinking. I'm hoping Randy will be able to save more of these treasures.

Beth Niquette said...

I loved reading about what Dad said about this picture. Wow--he was THERE once. This photo is a piece of history. It should not be thrown away. I just can't believe anyone would throw it out.

JM said...

It's a great shot, glad you noticed it when it felt from the bag.