Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Payne" at Goodwill ...

I took some time off this week, while waiting for my brother to get out of an appointment, to do some "bin" shopping at the Portland Goodwill Outlet store.

As usual, I ended up spending more time than I anticipated, and was late picking up my brother. Sorry, Bro, but you just couldn't compete with the STUFF I found!

Scattered about one of the bins were bits and pieces of the life of one
"Bill Payne" - mostly surrounding Andrew Jackson High School (graduated 1981) and Ricks College (commencement announcement 1983 - Pre-Dentistry).

I couldn't help but pick up this wonderful memorabilia!

I looked up "William Payne Dentist Oregon" online ... and there is one ... in Salem.
I may try to contact him, if only to get the story of how this stuff (if it is indeed his!) ended up in an Outlet store in Portland! If I do, I will let you know!

This is my third entry to this month's "SUNDAY SCANS".
If you have scanned something, please join us for Scanning Fun!!!


Beth Niquette said...

I can't imagine throwing stuff like this away--or giving it to Goodwill! Nice looking kid. (grin) Especially that shirtless shot. Ah, youth!

Al said...

I have the same question as Beth - why would you give this away? That's a life's memorabilia!

Aeria said...

Good grief! It seems my thinking follows Al and Beth- why would someone give such stuff to Goodwill?? I'm so curious- did you try to get ahold of him?