Thursday, February 2, 2012

Found Heart on Old Photo

Back in 1980 I took one of those pre-packaged trips to Hawaii with my friend Nadine. What a fun week it was!
The package included a "Luau", and we had a blast.

I recently found the photos from that trip, and as I scanned them, I noticed a random heart. Do you see it?

To see hearts from around the world, visit "Random Hearts" - and share YOUR found heart on Guest Heart Thursday!


Coffeedoff said...

Great heart.It is amazing where they turn up

teri said...

I love finding hearts when I look at photos later- I think right now I am going to imagine I am in Hawaii. xo

Helen Campbell said...

Great heart find among your old photos!

JM said...

Yes, I see the heart on this cool shot! :-)

Beth Niquette said...

I remember that! I picked up up at the airport--I remember how lovely you were. I remember how you hugged and hugged me. I do see the random heart, by the way! LOL