Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Found Old Photo

I was at a church rummage sale last Saturday, when I saw two old photos. They were printed on heavy cardboard, and someone had at one point used glue on the edges to hold them into their frames (now missing). The center parts of the photos were still in relatively good shape.

I fell in love with the photos, but they were way over my budget.

At noon the people running the rummage sale kicked everybody out of the building. Then we all lined up outside, and were handed paper bags. "$3.00 for anything you can fit in this bag".

Since I was first in line I was first in the door ... can you guess where I went first? - straight to the vintage photos that were still on the table of course! Then I filled the rest of my bag.

When I got home I looked more carefully at this particular photo - fascinated by the lady's dress ... and the gentleman's pose with his hand tucked into his coat.

I know nothing more about these pictures - there is no marking on the front or back that would help me identify these people, where they came from, or when the portrait was taken.

So now they will be re-framed and hung in my room, to become part of my extended family!

Any ideas as to what I should name them???

I am also linking this to "Vintage Weekly" - come join us to see wonderful old photos!!!


Beth Niquette said...

I can't imagine throwing away these wonderful old photos. WOW! This is quite a find. They are wonderful.

How about Charlie and Meg? (grin)

Jane said...

Wow, that's some find and like Beth I am also very surprised that anyone would sell their old family photos-and what a shame they ruined it with the glue. Thanks for sharing, must be of the Victorian/Edwardian period.